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Give Us 30 Days And We'll Slash Your Customer Acquisition Cost By 30%... For FREE

Welcome to PPC Paramedic—a revolution in Google pay-per-click advertising.

What will PPC Paramedic do for you?

Are you aware that a single keyword you bid on Google, has the potential to trigger as many as 30,000 search terms? Yes, you read that right—30,000 search terms!

It raises a valid question: among these search terms, how many can actually bring you valuable leads, and how many result in wasted clicks?

When advertising on Google, it's only natural to seek the best possible return on your investment.

Ultimately, the success of your investment hinges on the number of clients you acquire through your ad spend.

The key lies in obtaining more leads from your ad spend, which, in turn, requires reducing your Cost-Per-Lead.

To reduce your Cost-Per-Lead, it's crucial that you force Google to allocate your budget to the highest converting search terms.

This involves steering clear of keywords that don't convert and building a robust negative keyword list.

However, creating such a list requires two essential components:

1. Access to a vast Search Terms Database (which Google doesn't provide)

2. A powerful algorithm capable of comprehending and making sense of the data (beyond human capability)

Enter PPC Paramedic, the solution to help you optimize your ad spend by providing access to a comprehensive Search Terms Database and leveraging a sophisticated algorithm for data analysis.

What is PPC Paramedic & how does it work?

PPC Paramedic is a Google Ad AI software that aggregates data across entire markets, boasting a database of over 250 million search terms (and counting)...

...and cross-references this extensive dataset with the keywords you've bid on.

Here's how it works:

PPC Paramedic examines your Google Ads keywords in comparison to our database of 250,295,288 search terms. Its goal is to identify those terms that your keywords could potentially trigger...

...specifically targeting the ones that prove irrelevant or have never resulted in conversions for your industry ever before.

The software then evaluates whether you have implemented negative keywords to block these money wasting search terms.

Finally, it provides recommendations for negative keywords to incorporate into your account, effectively putting a halt to wasteful spending and compelling Google to deliver more leads and clients for your investment.

All of this done in less than 5 minutes!



Justin & John Phillips

  • We get it—ad automation tools disappoint. Setup's a hassle, results are unclear, and effort is overwhelming.

  • We're no automation tool. We're optimization experts, laser-focused on driving measurable, high-quality inquiries through impactful Google Ads.

  • PPC Paramedic delivers results in 30 days or less (performance gains in under 7 days are not unusual).

  • Our process tracks every result so you can kick back, relax, and let PPC Paramedic do all the work.

  • We know how Google operates. We understand the data. And we can get you the results your business needs.

  • No need to tweak your Google campaigns. Just a 30-minute onboard call to kickstart your journey to increased inquiries with lower costs.

  • Achieve Better Results With What You Already Have

    If you are running Google ads and want more, higher quality inquiries without:

    • Firing your agency or in-house advertising team

    • Learning software that takes months to set up

    • Or changing your PPC management processes...

    • ...then PPC Paramedic is for you!

  • Eliminate the steep learning curve of becoming a top-tier ad campaign optimizer on your own. Our software provides automated optimization, sparing you from the complexities of achieving an exceptional ROAS. In just 30 days, witness a significant surge in conversions and click-through rates, paired with a notable reduction in CPC and CPA, propelling your advertising strategy to new heights.

    Escape the money pit of inefficient ad spend. PPC Paramedic is your precision-guided missile in the battle for ROI. Let our AI be your financial guardian, eliminating wasted ad dollars and empowering your campaigns to soar, delivering unparalleled results. Elevate your advertising game—reclaim your ad budget, reignite your business success.


    Estimated Impact Report

    Our estimated impact report provides you a detailed snapshot of your current account status within just 24 hours of onboarding. We lay out potential risks (# of negative keywords) and showcase the exciting trajectory our software can set for your metrics within the first 90 days, ensuring you're informed and prepared for the transformative journey ahead.

    Performance Report

    Our performance reports offer real-time insights into your evolving metrics. They provide a clear picture of the results we've achieved for you. This ensures transparency and keeps you informed on your campaign's progress.

    Negative Keyword Data

    Our negative keyword list is the powerhouse of efficiency, strategically optimizing your campaigns. We meticulously curate and update this list, ensuring that your ad spend remains laser-focused. Results are driven by blocking out the waste and refining your targeting precision.

    Average Results by Day 30...

  • Conversions: 30% increase in conversions, translating to more leads and higher potential for business growth.

  • Click Through Rate: 26% surge in Click Through Rate (CTR), driving higher engagement and visibility for your ads.

  • Cost Per Acquisition: 30% reduction in CPA, optimizing cost efficiency

  • Cost Per Click: 38% reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC), ensuring efficient resource allocation.

  • Case Studies

    Have a look at some of our clients results 

    Roofer, California

    CPA -67% in 28 days

    HVAC, Colorado

    Conversions +66% in 45 days

    Limo Service, Mexico

    Conversion Rate +81% in 45 days

    Dentist, New Zealand

    Conversion Rate +36% in 60 days

    Water Restoration, Texas

    CPA -32% in 14 days

    HVAC, Idaho

    CPA -73% in 28 days

    Landscaping, Virginia

    CPA -53% in 30 days

    Home Inspection, Maryland

    Conversions +300% in 40 days

    Eye Clinic, Oregon

    CPA -57% in 14 days

    Let's hear out some of our success stories

    “Our account’s results were almost immediate – it was like magic. More conversions and a lower CPA.”

    200% IN CONVERSIONS ⬆︎ CPA BY 63% ⬇︎

    Josh M.

    Miami, FL

    “The long term benefits from PPC Paramedic have been huge for our company... and it keeps improving our ad account!”

    91% IN CONVERSIONS ⬆︎ CPAs 25% ⬇︎

    Jacob I.

    Boston, MA

    “Our conversion rates have never been higher. Our account is highly optimized with less manual work now.”

    350% IN CONVERSIONS ⬆︎ CPAs 79% ⬇︎

    Laurie W.

    New Smyrna Beach, FL

    Schedule Your Free Consultation!

    • First 30 days free

    • No obligation to continue

    • No credit card required

    Frequently Asked Questions

    + What if I already have a team that does this?

    PPC Paramedic is completely different. Your team/agency is not able to block all negative keywords because there are 10s of thousands and in most niches there are over 100,000. Thanks to our AI technology, we block all negative keywords that put you at risk in 4 weeks. And continually update the list as we gather more data.

    + Is this for me if I am getting good results already?

    ABSOLUTELY! If you are finding success, our goal is to further optimize your experience. Blocking any existing search terms and negative keywords from draining your ad budget.

    + How is this different from my team/agency?

    PPC Paramedic is an AI software that focuses only on negative keywords within Google Ads. PPC Paramedic is not a PPC management agency and does not replace your agency.

    + What's the benefit of having both PPC Paramedic and a Google Ads management team/agency?

    By adding PPC Paramedic to your Google Ads initiatives, you are able to fully optimize your ad spend. Say goodbye to months of poor return on investment (ROI). Say hello to a greater return on ad spend (ROAS). 

    + How long does it take to get results?

    It takes 30 days on average to get a 30% increase in conversions, 26% increase in CTR, 20% decrease in CPA, and 38% decrease in CPC. Some accounts take longer than 30 days, some fewer. However, the longer you utilize PPC Paramedic, the better results you can expect.

    + Do I need to pay to start?

    Nope! All we need, is to jump on a call to connect our software to your Google MCC account, and then the process begins. No credit card information is required. You have no obligation to continue after 30 days. It is a COMPLETELY FREE 30 day trial.

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